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Web Design is one of the fastest growing ADVERTISING mediums available to the business industry. The ability to be able to answer customers questions 24/7/365 with a website chalked full of all the information your company usually gives in general phone calls. The skinny on FREE WEBSITES is that you have POP-UP adds that POP UP all the time on you and sometimes 2 -3 windows/page of your site. Not to mention the long names generally associated with FREE SITES. Thus looking very UNPROFESSIONAL. CONTROL of each aspect of your page and site is what having your OWN SITE with your "Catchy Name" is all about. And....It stays the same for all your advertising for as long as you own the name and the site. Just having your name, address, products available and an email can give you new business. Even though you don't open your email till Monday morning, "Joe Brown" was able to get information from your site, see how close you are to him and leave you questions through email. You haven't lost the customer, you have gained many from ONLINE EXPOSURE.

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